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Aug 15 · 6 min read

Dear Friends of GCOX,

Thank you for your ardent support of GCOX Exchange. In celebration of GCOX Exchange’s native token, ACM, going LIVE, we are excited to announce the launch of the following ACM 1x2 Acclamation Programme to reward GCOX users.

Campaign Details:

Register on GCOX Exchange and invite your friends to earn attractive bonuses

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Register on GCOX Exchange after 19th August, 1 pm(GMT+8)
  • Complete the KYC Process


  • One-time reward of 100 ACM tokens to your Staking Wallet*.

Also, we are pleased to introduce our referral scheme where you can earn attractive bonuses by simply sharing your referral code with your friends and inviting them to sign up on GCOX Exchange!

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Invite your friends to sign up on GCOX Exchange using your referral code after 19th August, 1 pm(GMT+8)
  • Your friend completes the KYC Process


  • 50 ACM tokens reward to your Staking Wallet* for every successful referral**, NO CAP! The more you invite, the more you earn!

For example:

If you invite 10 friends to register on GCOX and they complete the KYC process, .50*10=500 ACM tokens will be airdrop to your Staking Wallet.

To increase the trading liquidity and protect the interests of all our users, 1% of the total ACM tokens amount in the Staking Wallet will be released to your Trading Wallet every week.

For example:

After you register on GCOX Exchange, complete the KYC process and successfully invite 10 friends to sign up too, you’ll receive a total of 600 ACM tokens reward in your Staking Wallet.

1% of the total 600 ACM tokens will be released into your Trading Wallet weekly. This amounts to 6 additional ACM tokens for you to trade on the Exchange. Batches of 6 ACM tokens will hence be released every week until all of the available tokens in the Staking wallet has been transferred to your Trading Wallet.


* Trading Wallet — ACM balance held in the Trading Wallet can be used for trading

* Staking Wallet — ACM balance held in the Staking Wallet is locked and 1% of the staked amount will be release on a weekly basis

** Referrals are deemed successful once the referred user has completed their KYC process.

1x2 ACM Staking Program

For existing ACM token holders, we are pleased to invite you to stake your ACM tokens by transferring them from your Trading Wallet to your Staking Wallet. No minimum staking amount required!!


  • Stake any amount of ACM tokens and receive 200% of the staked amount — Stake 1 ACM token to gain 2 bonus ACM tokens, owning a total of 3 ACM tokens


  • Referrers who invite their friends to stake stand to receive 100% of their referees’ staked amount of ACM tokens

For Example:

If you stake 100 ACM tokens in the Staking Wallet, you immediately receive 200 ACM tokens as bonus and accrue a total of 300 ACM tokens.

If one of your referees stake 100 ACM tokens in his or her Staking Wallet, 100 ACM tokens bonus will immediately be funded into your Staking Wallet. You now possess 400 ACM tokens on hold!

Similarly, 1% of the total ACM tokens in the Staking Wallet,4 ACM tokens in this case, will be released to your Trading Wallet every week.

For Example:

Previously you receive 400 ACM tokens airdrop in your Staking Wallet, and you buy 100 ACM tokens in your Trading Wallet. You decided to stake the 100 ACM tokens (from Trading wallet) in your Staking Wallet, which you will receive additional 200 ACM tokens bonus immediately for a total of 300 ACM. And in the event, the person you referred decide to stake his/her 100 ACM tokens in his/her Staking Wallet, you’ll receive another 100 ACM tokens bonus!

Therefore, you’ll own a total of 400+100+200+100=800 ACM tokens in your Staking Wallet!

1% of the 800 ACM tokens in the Staking Wallet, 8 ACM tokens, will be released to your Trading Wallet weekly.

  • Accelerate the Weekly Release of Staked ACM Tokens

Simply trade every week on the GCOX exchange to release an additional 1% of your weekly staking payout. Now you will receive 2% of the staked ACM every week!


  1. Trade at least 5% of your original ACM staked amount (in USDT Equivalent) every week

*This includes trading of all trading pairs on the GCOX exchange (BTC/ETH etc.)

*ACM USDT-equivalent value will be based on the previous week’s Sunday 2359 (GMT+8)

*Original ACM staked amount does not include any bonus ACM received or awarded through any of our reward programs

  1. Maximum of 2% weekly payout

Weekly Trading Window: Monday 0000 (GMT+8) Monday — Sunday 2359 (GMT+8)

Weekly Staking Payout: Every Monday before 2359 (GMT+8)

For Example:

You originally stake 100 ACM tokens from your Trading Wallet to the Staking Wallet. On Sunday at 2359 (GMT+8), 1 ACM = 0.60 USDT. The 100 ACM staked amount will now be worth 60 USDT. In order to qualify for the additional 1% of staked amount, you simply need to trade at least 5% of 60 USDT equivalent, which is 3 USDT equivalent for that week.

  • 1X2 Trading Mechanism for ACM

To enhance trading liquidity, we will be implementing a 1X2 trading mechanism for trading of ACM.

User must first buy 1 ACM in order to be entitled to sell up to 2 ACM (in a Buy 1: Sell 2 ratio)

For Example:

In order to sell up to 2 ACM, user must first buy 1 ACM.

In order to sell up to 6 ACM, user must first buy 3 ACM.

If you want to sell 6 ACM tokens in the Trading Wallet on the Exchange, you need to buy another 6 ACM tokens to be entitled to sell 12 ACM tokens.



  • Terms and Conditions apply

1. The 1X2 Acclamation Programme is only open to participants who are of legal age and have the requisite mental and legal capacity in accordance with all applicable laws to accept these terms, and are not persons (a) located in the United States of America or a country where United Nations sanctions are in force at the time of participation; or (b) who are citizens, domiciled in, or residents of the United States of America or a country where United Nations sanctions are in force.

2. The details of each reward shall be determined by us at our sole discretion. We reserve the right to modify or replace any reward(s), and not to issue any reward(s) if we deem, in our sole discretion, that the relevant participant is not eligible, or the relevant conditions are not met.

3. Access to and usage of our GCOX Platforms shall be subject to all terms and conditions governing the GCOX Platforms.

4. We reserve the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time. If you continue to participate in the campaign after such amendments, you agree to the amended terms and to be bound by them.

5. We may terminate the 1X2 Acclamation Programme or vary it in such manner as we deem fit at any time. In the event the 1X2 Acclamation Programme is terminated for any reason, we reserve the right not to issue any reward(s) in connection thereto.

6. Each participant agrees to indemnify and at all times keep us and our related corporations and affiliates (including respective officers, directors, employees and agents) indemnified against any and all losses, damages, actions, proceedings, costs, expenses, claims, demands, liabilities (including full legal costs) which may be suffered or incurred by us or asserted against us by any person, party or entity whatsoever, in respect of any matter or event whatsoever arising out of or in connection with a participant’s breach of any provisions of these terms, their participation in the 1X2 Acclamation Programme, or violation of the rights of any third party.

7. Our standard terms and conditions and privacy policy shall apply (where applicable). Please refer to and for more information.

GCOX Official

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GCOX is a highly-anticipated cryptocurrency exchange that offers an unprecedented platform for global celebrities to issue personalized tokens.

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