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May 22, 2018 · 3 min read

Hong Kong, 21 March 2018 – International soccer star Michael Owen has joined Global Crypto Offering Exchange (GCOX) as a celebrity, private investor and as a member of its Board of Advisors. GCOX is a global platform that allows celebrities to create and list their own Celebrity Tokens.

Owen, who was in Hong Kong today at an exclusive GCOX press conference, expressed his views about joining GCOX as a celebrity and that he was looking forward to having his own Celebrity Token, OWN Token on the GCOX platform.

“I believe blockchain technology holds the future. It has limitless potential that we have yet to fully explore. Supporters of blockchain technology and crypto tokens have the power to realise the innovations that they would like to see in their daily lives. We can now harness the power of blockchain to create a sustainable token economy to reach out to our fans,” said Owen.

GCOX is the world’s first celebrity crypto exchange that will revolutionise the interaction between celebrities and fans by bringing about closer engagement on its innovative social media platforms: Celeb-listing, Celebreneur and Celeb-charity.

Fans can use Celebrity Tokens to redeem exclusive content, merchandise and personalise interaction with their favourite stars. Celebrities that sign on with GCOX to release their own tokens are also participating in a popularity index that provides an objective indication of their popularity, as determined by open market forces.

“GCOX plans to increase the adoption and acceptance of blockchain technology and crypto tokens through the involvement of celebrities. With new social interaction platforms built on GCOX’s own Acclaim blockchain, investors and fans will have unparalleled access to their favourite stars. Celebrities will also have the opportunity for increased engagement with their fans, further extending their reach and expanding their popularity,” said Sir Dr Jeffrey Lin, Chief Executive Office and Co-Founder of GCOX.

Apart from Owen, GCOX has announced that Manny Pacquiao will also be releasing his exclusive Celebrity Token, the PAC Token.

GCOX boasts a stellar lineup of crypto experts, powerhouse investors, and business veterans who aim to drive mainstream adoption of the token economy by incorporating strong business fundamentals and management strategies.

Thus far, GCOX has commenced private placement sales of their native token Acclaim (ACM). The company will be making a formal announcement on the date for an Initial Token Sales in the quarter. For more information, please visit www.gcox.com


Global Crypto Offering Exchange (GCOX) is the world’s first celebrity crypto exchange. GCOX helps celebrities tokenise their popularity by creating their own exclusive crypto tokens, known as Celebrity Tokens. Through exclusive products, services and social interactions, GCOX revolutionises the way celebrities interact with their fans, giving the public unparalleled access to celebrities.


Michael James Owen is a former English national footballer who played as a striker for internationally renowned football clubs such as Liverpool, Real Madrid and Manchester United. His prodigious football skills led to an early start in his professional football career, beginning with a record-breaking 28 goals in 20 games during his time in the England Under-15 and Under-16 teams. He has received numerous accolades for his talents, including Teh FIFA World Cup Best Young Player Award (1998), World Soccer World Player of the Year (2001) and the prestigious Ballon d’Or (2001). He was awarded the Golden Foot in 2017 in recognition of his status as a football legend and now celebrity, investor and advisor on GCOX.

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GCOX is a highly-anticipated cryptocurrency exchange that offers an unprecedented platform for global celebrities to issue personalized tokens.

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