Gretchen’s Life

Being the fourth child has its ups and downs. I got picked on by my older brothers and sister, but I will always have protectors by my side. Many family memories happened when I was too young to remember or not born yet, but my parents are less strict with me than my oldest sister. I have become a more independent person and have set high expectations for myself because I was always trying to keep up with my older siblings. I plan on achieving a lot in my future and I owe all my thanks to my older siblings.

On a typical day, I do homework and eat a snack.

Forest by Twenty One Pilots is my favorite song not only because it is catchy, the lyrics mean a lot to me.

On Friday night, I was at the Prospect football game.

Serena Williams inspires me because she is very tough and respectful even though she grew up in Compton, California. She worked hard because she was a black female athlete.

JK Rowling inspires me because she overcame depression, got rejected by 7 publishers, but still became a best-selling author.

Michelle Obama inspires me because she has been trying to get kids to be active and eat healthy. I think she is a great role model for everyone to look up to

My goal is to make the Junior Varsity Prospect tennis team next year.