A Slice of America

The ties that connect the seemingly large, changing landscape of Southern California

This past week, I had the opportunity of being able to visit Southern California, from San Diego to Anaheim to Los Angeles. While these cities are widespread and have their differences, I found that they all have aspects that tie them together, creating the SoCal vibe. The flora and fauna is widely similar, with palm trees, cacti, a wide fruit tree variety, and diverse sea life. I also found that the architecture was similar. A lot of it seemed to have Mexican influence, with Spanish tile roofing and Mexican cuisine. Southern California is filled with tourist attractions, from beautiful beaches to Disney World. It is these aspects of culture, art, and nature that knit the SoCal area together. Below are some pictures that encapsulate the aesthetic and vibe of the sprawling area.

Palm trees in San Diego, CA
Mission beach at sunset, San Diego, CA
Seals and sea lions lounge by the water at La Jolla Cove, San Diego, CA
A mother sea lion with its baby on the beach, San Diego, CA
The view from a small Mexican restaurant, San Diego
The largest orca whale, Ulises, jumps out of the water at Seaworld, San Diego, CA (I do not believe in the ethics of Seaworld, but it was interesting to see)
View of the ocean, San Clemente, CA
Interesting architecture in a building, Anaheim, CA
Entrance to Disneyland, Anaheim, CA
Inside Disneyland
Both pictures from the iconic “It’s a small world” Disney ride

Side note: though the ride was small and geared towards younger children, I went on it with my family. I though the ride conveyed a really important message: that this is a small world, and we all have something in common. Every religion, culture, and country contains so much beauty. We have the capacity to create more unity, and I felt this unity in California. Everywhere I went was accepting and inclusive of everybody. I thought this was amazing and beautiful to see, especially in a time where we have a very misogynistic, racist, anti LGBT presidential administration.

Disneyland at night
Architecture along the coast, Newport Beach, CA
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