Of course they are! Gift cards have suffered disrepute since a long while now but it’s interesting to note that a little survey conducted found that over 67 percent of women and 53 percent men preferred a gift cards over a gift. Strange, isn’t it? With the kind of ill will it suffers, a greater part of the population vouching for it raises doubt. Gift cards make excellent gifting options yet gift card scams have been breaking records since a long while now. So does that mean a gift card’s credibility ends here? Definitely not!

We are all prone to tech scams. After market companies are the ones that are prone to such scams at a higher rate. Yes, that’s the fate of advancement. Yet, if used correctly, you can save your money coded into a gift card from all malicious intentions. Here are some interesting ways to save yourself from potential scamsters:

1. Record of every purchase you make: Mark this as the most important point of the list. This tip isn’t restricted to gift card purchases. This is to be followed each time you decide to make an online transaction. A detailed record of all the purchases can help you keep track of your purchases and help avoid fraudulent transactions. This will help you take adequate steps to report in case you are scammed by any particular gift card seller.

Always make sure to that you maintain credit card details, gift card PIN, the proof of purchase, the sale receipt and the bank statement. With this information intact, you’ll have every possible detail you need to file a claim or in case you are involved in a dispute with the seller.

2. Refrain from buying gift cards from individual sellers: Now this may not be christened as the thumb rule yet it is always advisable to purchase or sell gift cards via a reputed marketplace instead of opting for an individual seller. It is always better to choose a gift card trading company since they are committed to providing you the best possible service. When we trade with individual sellers, there is always a scare of a possible scam. They may sell you an invalid card or even cards that carry no balance. You may also find it difficult to trace them because of the easy method of deleting their accounts used to sell gift cards. You may not be able to file a complaint in such a condition. Opt for a legitimate gift card marketplace like, or that are known for their amazing services.

3. Know your seller: If you are currently dealing with an individual seller, make sure you collect the maximum information with regard to the seller’s contact details, address, past credits, etc at the earliest. A little bit of research will definitely do you good. Check if the seller has been in the marketplace for long and if any of their past sales have culminated in a claim. If you are opting for a reputed marketplace, check if their services are rated well or is there any potential issue with the service extended.

4. To good believe? Stay away from unreal offers: Discounts offered on gift card are reasonable but are not incredible enough that you may come across a “70% off” sign. If you happen to come across deals on marketplaces that sound ‘to good to be real,’ simply stay away from the offer site. Most of the scams are designed in a way where scamsters purchase gift cards with stolen credit card information. Such cards are then sold at incredibly low prices. In the meanwhile, when credit card companies notice the fraudulent transaction, the gift card is cancelled and the buyer of the card losses their value. Make sure that you never give into any form of persuasion to part with your gift card details.

5. If cheated, take immediate action: In case you are a victim of a fraudulent transaction, take quick actions. If you find a zero balance in your gift card, lodge a complaint with your gift card dealers at the earliest. Make every possible effort to pass the transaction details to the incharge for swift response.If they aren’t able to help you, file a chargeback with your credit card company.

Make sure that you follow these tips and take every possible measure to secure your money from fraudulent sellers. Buy your discount gift cards from reputed sellers with a great track record to make the purchase a safe one!

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