Design Thinking in 5 Easy Steps

Empathize: A person must have the capability of knowing their audience. In order to empathize, you have to OBSERVE people and learn some of their behaviors. Aside from that, one must interact and ENGAGE their peers. With all of this being said, a person must IMMERSE oneself into what their peers may be experiencing. These are all crucial to empathizing.

Define: Definitive thinking requires an intense focus on one certain subject matter. Also, defining the problem then shows readers and people learning the overall topic that is being covered.

Ideate: This is the part of the process where new and unique ideas arise. This is where a person has used the previous steps to create something that is new and all their own. This is not to be done with just one idea, however, it is to be done with multiple ideas.

Prototype: This is the part of the process where someone takes their ideas and makes them into something real and tangible. They make their ideas a reality. Although their realities may not be perfect, the point is to discover the flaws in them, and later, improve upon them.

Test: Lastly is testing. This is the step of the process where one puts out a near finished idea or product, and then through the results and feedback, determines if their idea was worth the while, and if it is liked or not. Also, this could revert someone back to a previous step and help them to be able to know what changes, if any, are needed.

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