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I have lost my fear about the future. I don’t know if that is permanent or temporary, but it’s ok for me not to know.

We have fucked up the planet. I have done my share, I continue to do my share.

I hope God gives second chances. Maybe this…



But you MUST if you want to survive what is coming

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Time to wake up.

Put down your phone and look around you.

The world is falling apart.

I will write this like the

bad prose poems

I am known to occasionally write

Just to get your


for a few seconds.

Get up.

Get moving.

Do some research,

face reality.



Food prices won’t be going DOWN

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Hard times are here to stay. Start a garden NOW. Don’t know how? LEARN.

Don’t have a yard? Shitty soil? Live in an apartment? There are ways to work around those things. Anyone can at least grow a few things, even in a tiny apartment.

Micro-greens can be grown year-round…





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