Street (people) in (Rio) my city

People have always been an interest of mine in the process of image making. Their lives, stories and experiences represent to me the perfect scene for a documentary or a biography project that could be developed in many ways.
Reason why I have merged myself into knowing and learning from filmmaking more precisely, non-fiction documentaries from various directors.

Rio de Rua -Rio Street or Street of Rio- is one of my social media photography projects whereas particular situations and/or moments, that make everyday life in Rio de Janeiro, are captured especially if they are confined within the idea of a routine. The purpose of this project is not only to expose life in the streets of Rio but to frame those moments that make that life, making each one of them as unique and important as they should be.

The environment is essential for this project as it helps to embody and to complement the essence of every character, situation, action or moment. Inviting the spectator to be less objective and to connect with the photograph.

All of the pictures were taken with a cellphone and hiding the photographic action most of the time.

This is a ongoing project. 
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