Learn Modern Javascript with Online Courses

Have you ever wondered to master the best and most popular Javascript technologies to enhance your career? If so, we propose you a curated list of great online courses about ES6, React.js, Redux, Node.js, and more. With Full Stack Developer Wes Bos, you will learn modern Javascript and build real-world applications. Don’t wait anymore to invest in your skills. Time is precious, choose a lesson and start learning something right now.

Learn Node!

Learn to build applications and APIs with Node.js

[JavaScript] WesBos Learn Node - Master Package

A premium training course to learn to build apps with Node.js, Express, MongoDB, and friends.

Node.js, Express, MongoDB and friends are some of the most in-demand web development skills. This course is the cumulation of everything Wes Bos learned building dozens of Node.js applications over the past five years.

With a focus on modern JavaScript and real world application, Learn Node is an efficient way to add server side JavaScript to your skill-set and start building the applications you have been dreaming about.

Join Wes Bos as he shows you how to build full stack applications and APIs from start to finish with some of today’s top JavaScript technology.

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ES6 for everyone

JavaScript is changing — Here’s how to stay up to date!

[JavaScript] WesBos ES6 for Everyone - Master Package

A premium training course to strengthen your core JavaScript skills and master all that ES6 has to offer. Join 9,245 in Learning Now →

ES6 is a major update to JavaScript that includes dozens of new features. With a focus on simplicity and readability, this course is an efficient way to find out what is new in JavaScript and most importantly when and how you should use it.

Join Wes Bos for a fun and approachable look at all ES6 has to offer — boost your skills and further your career.

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React for Beginners

It’s time to learn React.js

[JavaScript] WesBos React for Beginners - Master Package

A premium step-by-step training course to get you building real world React.js + Firebase apps and website components.

With a focus on simplicity and readability, this course will have you building real time applications and dynamic website components in no time!

Together, we will build “Catch of the Day” — a real-time app for a trendy seafood market where price and quantity available are variable and can change at a moment’s notice. We will build a menu, an order form, and an inventory management area where authorized users can immediately update product details.

You can try it out here or get the course if you are already convinced.

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