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As software engineers and JavaScript profesionnals, we need to stay up to date with the most recent technologies. The State Of JavaScript 2016 conducted by Sacha Greif help us a lot to get a clear picture of the JavaScript ecosystem this year. If you haven’t read the results yet, I strongly recommend you do it. As shown in this survey, we always have challenges to take to get smarter in 2017 and gain a competitive edge. For this reason, we have hand-picked a bunch of amazing courses on the most recent technologies with discounts just for you! Let’s have a look below!

Note: The Discounts will be available for a few days only, so make sure to take advantage of them NOW!

Modern React with Redux

Master the fundamentals of React and Redux with this tutorial as you develop apps supported by NPM, Webpack, and ES6

Modern React with Redux

This is the tutorial you’ve been looking for to master modern web development with React. Redux? We got it. ES6/Babel? Covered. Webpack? Included!

Mastering React and Redux can get you a position in web development or help you build that personal project you’ve been dreaming of. It’s a skill that will put you more in demand in the modern web development industry, especially with the release of Redux and ReactNative. This course will get you up and running quickly, and teach you the core knowledge you need to deeply understand and build React components and structure applications with Redux.

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Angular 2 — The Complete Guide

Learn how to create modern web applications with the successor of Angular.js

Angular 2 - The Complete Guide

From Setup to Deployment, this course covers it all! You’ll learn all about Components, Directives, Services, Forms, Http Access, Authentication, Optimizing an Angular 2 App with Modules and Offline Compilation and much more — and in the end: You’ll learn how to deploy an application!

But that’s not all! This course will also show you how to use the Angular 2 CLI and feature a complete project, which allows you to practice the things learned throughout the course!

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Webpack 2 — The Complete Developer’s Guide

Master Webpack 2 as you deploy web apps supported by Babel, code splitting, and ES2015 Modules

Webpack is the premier build tool for React and Angular 2 applications. Deployment? Covered. Performance optimizations? We got it. Custom boilerplate creation? Its here!

Webpack 2: The Complete Developer's Guide

Webpack is notorious for being tricky to configure correctly. In this course you’ll master each major feature of Webpack and learn how to optimize it for your own app. Webpack has a wealth of fancy features, but each requires in depth knowledge of how they work. This course is the most comprehensive Webpack course you’ll find online, and the only full course on the popular version 2 edition of Webpack. This course will get you up and running quickly, and teach you the core knowledge you need to deeply understand and build Webpack-based projects.

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Learn And Understand NodeJS

Dive deep under the hood of NodeJS. Learn V8, Express, the MEAN stack, core Javascript concepts, and more

Learn and Understand NodeJS

NodeJS is a rapidy growing web server technology, and Node developers are among the highest paid in the industry. Knowing NodeJS well will get you a job or improve your current one by enabling you to build high quality, robust web applications.

In this course you will gain a deep understanding of Node, learn how NodeJS works under the hood, and how that knowledge helps you avoid common pitfalls and drastically improve your ability to debug problems.

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The Complete React Native and Redux Course

iOS and Android App Development from scratch — build fully native mobile apps ridiculously fast!

The Complete React Native and Redux Course

If you’re tired of spinning your wheels learning Swift or Android, this is the course for you. Authentication? You will learn it. Redux? Included. Animations? Of course!

This course will get you up and running with React Native quickly, and teach you the core knowledge you need to deeply understand and build React components for mobile devices. Both OSX and Windows supported — develop iOS or Android!

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The Complete Developers Guide to MongoDB

Master MongoDB and Mongoose design with a test-driven approach

The Complete Developers Guide to MongoDB

MongoDB is the hottest database solution in the tech world right now, able to power anything from your growing personal project to an enterprise infrastructure. NodeJS focused? Yep. Test Driven Exercises? Absolutely! Advanced Features of MongooseJS? You know it.

This course will get you up and running with MongoDB quickly, and teach you the core knowledge you need to deeply understand and build apps centered around Mongo.

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Vue JS 2 — The Complete Guide (incl. Vuex)

VueJS is an awesome JavaScript Framework for building Frontend Applications! Vue.js mixes the Best of Angular 2 + React!

Vue js 2 - The Complete Guide

No matter at which Metric you look (Google Trends, Github Stars, Tweets …) VueJS is the Shooting Star in the World of JavaScript Frameworks — it simply is amazing!

Frontend Frameworks are extremely popular because they give us this reactive, great User Experience we know from Mobile Apps — but now in the Browser! No wonder that Jobs requiring Frontend Framework Skills like VueJS are amongst the best paid ones in the Industry!

You may know Angular 2 and ReactJS, well, VueJS combines the Best of both Frameworks and makes building anything from small Widgets to big, Enterprise-Level Apps a Breeze and a whole lot of Fun! And if you don’t know the two mentioned Frameworks: That’s fine, too, this Course does not expect any knowledge of any other Frontend Framework — you will learn it all throughout this Course!

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