The veil has been lifted

Follow the puppet’s strings

The overconsumption of cool aid

Will render itself ineffective

Facts skim across the water

A superficial existence

Inevitably sunk

By universal truths

Busy-ness shuns ancient wisdom

Stillness deemed ineffective

To those that tow the line

The red pill

Has an early morning glow

Un-disillusioned journeyman

Know its darkest before the dawn

Moments come

Longing for a simple path

As life and death in constant cycle

Clearing from the past

Sucked in to a world of virtual hearts

And other shiny treats

Sugar coating our existence

While we smile with rotted teeth

Tormented inward pondering

Hopping between two worlds

A broken mind or,

Am I the one that’s free?




Musings about life

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Sammy P

Sammy P

Musings about life

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