Flashback: Sneak peek into I/O 16 glamor

Ofcourse it wouldn’t be 2017 without the thrill that Google inspires in developers and users alike at the annual developers conference. The developer festival runs live from today May 17 until the end of the week with the venue maintained right at Google’s backyard, Showline amphitheatre Mountain View, CA.

Coming from Microsoft Build last week, its about time for the search giant to break the waves with its big announcements at the I/O this year. Meanwhile lets shed some spotlight on what made highlights at the festival last year.

Android N

Much of the new stuff in the android OS were discovered in developer preview builds but here are some of the favourites they saved for the I/O:

  • Built-in solution for running multiple applications with split-screen. Some samsung and LG devices did this but its now an official android thingy.
  • Increased security by way of file-based encyption and automatic system updates that the user doesn’t have to manage.
  • Enhanced graphics and runtime framworks: ultra-high power graphics API named Vulkan
  • Seamless software updates running on background on boot up.

VR and Daydream

The PC powered Oculus Rift and HTC Vive now face new competition from the amazing mobile VR, Daydream, unveiled by the tech frontier last year with headset launched later in the year. Once upon a time there was Google cardboard. Daydream VR will transform virtual reality with a VR-mode built-in Android N. Its both software and hardware initiative and Labs program for developers to create content and experience. Talk of sleek design!!

Google Home

Google’s answer to amazon’s Echo came at the keynote last year with unveiling of Google Home. With unique aesthetic design than its competitor to complement your home, it comes with built-in Google Assistant AI (Google’s version of o) that enable users to use gmail, calendar, maps and pretty much answers to every question that may seem complicated to fathom. It has no physical buttons on it just but four LEDs to indicate communication. On launch, google was pretty mum about the price but you’re presumed to part with $129 which puts the company on competitive edge with Echo.

What about Hangouts?

Google stepped up to release two messaging apps, Allo and Duo. Duo has been thought as the hangout hangman only recent developments to indicate the app to face off with Slack in the collaborative arena. Allo is basically a chatbot with pretty cool stickers that look like you while you can chat to buy concert or movie tickets, call an uber, make reservations, play bored-games with it or get latest news updates thanks to the improved AI assistant. Video calling is supercharged in android. You can see the caller before you pick up, Creepy? Get a preview and intent of the call from the other end of the line all in Android Duo, Google’s Facetime competitor.

Another personally exciting announcement was Android instant apps; imagine loading parts of an app you haven’t even installed yet. Your buddy sends you a text link within an app, you tap it, and your phone loads only the pieces of the app to get that single bit of content. Android pay will work inside these instant apps. This is a great deal for shopping apps. If you think instant apps is pretty cool, you can install the real version with two taps.

Android wear 2.0 is even sweeter and inviting. Google teased some new features to check out such as: You can now access your phone when is so far from you, probly on a morning run or when its off. Nice, ryt! thats what i thought too. And! it has a full qwerty keyboard and handwriting support. So cool.

On a dev-y side, be exicited about Firebase Analytics which offers Cloud messaging, notification, remote config and crash reporting all in this one bundle for android, IOS and web applications. Firebase has seen vast application in small scale and large scale enterprises alike over the year,

Am excited to be at I/O 2017”

As the developer community and consumer alike await for the Keynote by Sundar Pichai, CEO Google, alot of speculation roam around on its content.

Android O, N’s successor will definitely be announced at the platform, comment on the possible names of the new android version. We also expect to hear more relating to Daydream VR and AR this year with other big companies diving into the scene since last year.

Android Wear 3.0, Android Auto and Driverless cars may make into the shortlist after a series of tests by Google that saw atleast one accident to date.

Remember Andromeda, alot was romoured about possible intergration betweeen android and Chrome OS we’ll see more about that at this year’s festival but less likely of new mobile OS. More on Project Fi and Tango maybe featured this year having been left ou of the big break last year.

Save the Pixel phone, alot of android phones since last year have not seen application of Daydream and while and while Google is keen about the VR platform as well as the phone, they may be featured in this year’s festivals.

Ofcourse, cards are kept close to Googles”s chest but lets wait for the big surprises counting hours from now.

Catch the live event Google I/O 17 here, follow and be part of GDG Kimathi University, better life through technology.