Not sure about what to pack in your carry-on? Let’s us give you some advice.

For some of you, 14th of December falls into the “almost-Christmas” period. Probably, most of you are already unpacking the Christmas tree or preparing the family gifts for this season.

Just thinking about Christmas

And although you may believe that this is happening all around the world, it has not yet fully come to Málaga. It (almost certainly) may seem like it’s because of global warming, but don’t panic because you’ll be tempted to take off your coat during the day. It’s 20ºC on here dude.

Do you want to be prepared for what’s coming? Take your DevFest ticket, a peaceful mindset and lots…

Entrevistamos a David Gómez, ponente de #DevFestMLG19

Los profesionales independientes están cambiando la fuerza laboral en toda Europa. Su presencia ha crecido un 99% desde la entrada de milenio y en 2015, ya representaban el 29% de todos los trabajadores por cuenta propia en Europa.

Si todavía tienes dudas a lanzarte o quieres compartir tu experiencia como freelance, te invitamos a participar en nuestra charla impartida por uno de los expertos freelance Malt, donde te daremos las pautas para destacarte como freelance.

Todo lo que necesitas saber sobre el congreso de tecnología

  • El congreso de tecnología celebra este sábado su tercera edición en la Escuela de Ingeniería Informática de la UMA, tras haber agotado todas las entradas.
  • La agenda reúne a una treintena de expertos que debatirán sobre diversos campos como la ciberseguridad, inteligencia artificial, computación cuántica, ​desarrollo ​web ​y ​móvil.

MÁLAGA 10/12/2019 // Los entusiastas de la tecnología tienen una cita pendiente este sábado. La tercera edición de DevFest Málaga, organizada por GDG Málaga, se celebrará en la Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingeniería Informática de la Universidad de Málaga y cuenta con una agenda con más de treinta sesiones impartidas por…

A report by WTM_Málaga

It was a cold and rainy evening in November, so we really appreciated those who came to our meetup, instead of staying home drinking hot chocolate. After some introductions about the activities both WomenTechMakers and YesWeTech carry out, we spoke up about some of the common problems that minorities face at workplaces. Four topics were discussed, along with some facts and real stats. Let’s check them one by one:

How to make my work more visible?

Some facts that were introduced at this point: Impostor syndrome; women not applying to job offers if they do not match more than 60% of the requirements; the low percentage of…

The third edition of DevFest will take place on December 14th at the University of Malaga

Are you working or studying technology? Would you like to learn about emerging technologies from some of the proclaimed talents in the tech industry? Would you like to have an awesome time while meeting incredible people and visiting one of the most charming, warm and beautiful cities in the world?

If the answer to any of these is yes, attending DevFest Malaga ’19 is a must for you!

We are proud to announce the third edition of DevFest Málaga, one of the largest tech conferences in Southern Spain, that will take place on December 14th. …

  • El evento, organizado por GDG Málaga en colaboración con la Escuela de Informática de la UMA, Google y las asociaciones Betabeers, Yes We Tech, reúne a una veintena de expertos en tecnología que debatirán sobre inteligencia artificial, asistentes virtuales, desarrollo web y móvil
  • La cita, que ya cuenta con 300 inscritos, tendrá lugar en la Escuela de Informática de la Universidad de Málaga. Con entrada gratuita, los asistentes disfrutarán de conferencias, talleres prácticos y espacios para networking

MÁLAGA 30/11/2017 // El Google Developer Group Málaga –un grupo independiente de voluntarios que se reúne para discutir sobre tecnología– organiza este viernes…

We are still polishing the agenda for the #DevFest Malaga; but we have already confirmed a few speakers that will attend on December 1st. They will teach us how they use emergent technologies and do cool things that matter with them. We encourage you to meet them in advance, and start thinking on the questions and conversations you would like to have with them. Oh, and do not forget to get your tickets this Monday!

Hadi Hariri

Developer and creator of many things OSS, Hadi is a passionate for web development and software architecture. Author of a couple of books, mentor and…

We’re very glad to announce a new tech event that will take place on December 1st in Málaga, at the ETSI Informática School (University of Málaga). DevFests are large community-run developer events focused on building and learning about Google and Open Source technologies, run by Google Developer Groups around the globe. For the first time ever, we’re bringing that event to Málaga. Say hi to DevFest Málaga ‘17!

More news about DevFest Málaga in the coming weeks!

Although we have only announced four of the speakers that will be part of DevFest Málaga’s schedule, we will confirm the rest of…

GDG Málaga (Profile)

GDG Málaga is a group of tech enthusiasts based in one of Spain’s emerging tech cities!. Our activities should not be linked to Google, the corporation.

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