Walton Coin ($WTC) — why it’s a steal right now

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I wanted to share some info on $WTC as from my research it appears it is getting ready to explode soon. And while you may be thinking right now: “I’ll buy the dip.”, I postulate there may well not be one of any significance before a higher bottom is found.

WTC is combining RFID technology with blockchain in order to, among other things, improve the efficiency of supply chains. Trials so far have show massive increases in efficiency as a result of the system, and RFID is already a major focus for many involved in the supply chain for its numerous benefits.

So here are some recent and/or upcoming developments

- Website updated with translations, better, more uniform pics of the team: https://www.reddit.com/r/waltonchain/comments/77d6br/i_think_the_site_has_been_silently this is something they said they would aim to work on in their first ever AMA, which is also worth a read: https://www.reddit.com/r/waltonchain/comments/73j7z4/waltonchain_first_ama_questions_answers/

- Here’s a big one. They did their Hardware AMA in Slack last night, and answered some very big questions in a very big way. As yet, they haven’t released their official summary of the AMA (through various social media channels including reddit/twitter). Once they do, I expect the market response will be positive. Right now, here’s a summary made from the Slack conversations by those involved (I took the time to verify at least some of the info from Slack archives and it checked out, so far Walton haven’t disappointed either): https://imgur.com/a/zpLvN

- Their genesis block is coming shortly after the fork. It was always said to be at the end of October. There’s every chance once that happens, i.e. it transitions from an ERC20 token to a legitimate coin with its own blockchain (the same time where one will be able to run a master node for the first time earning interest for processing network transactions), the price will really see some uptake. Also, although I don’t have evidence for this particular case, it would make sense that WTC gets listed on a couple more exchanges then. I have seen precisely that happen in situations similar to this before

- They mentioned in Slack late last month that being listed on a Korean exchange was a priority and likely to happen next (this) month


There is a lot to this project, a lot to the team, and they have adamantly quashed any doubts of being a scam (which is often postulated with fledgling crypto”currencies”, particularly Asian ones, in the Western market). If they can really produce better, smaller RFID chips for less than the current market price, then… the sky could be the limit.

RFID technology in this context has already been used to great success, by retailers such as Macy’s. Combining Walton’s expertise in terms of RFID chip tech (they said their chips weigh hundredths of a gram, and are measured in nm), with something which incidentally is one of the most sensible and relevant applications of blockchain one could really conceive, also certified as a way to improve efficiency, particularly for clothing brands like they’re initially targeting (oh, and one of their seniors was the Supply Chain Director for a brand called Septwolves, a large clothing brand in China).

Different suppliers across chains are all able to access that database, verify the information, and also the integrity and security of that data is ensured in a way suitable for currency itself to transact. In this instance, due to their being many entities involved across the chains, a public (or more accurately parent/child network architecture) database makes perfect sense, since you wouldn’t make your own internet — there’d be nothing to see. For this application, it needs to be a shared network. The parent and child chains will effectively be analogous to internet vs intranet.

If all they say about their team’s patents and tech is true, which there is no reason to doubt based on their recent past, there is nothing that can compete on that front, and given their inroads in commerce already and connections in the business world, it looks promising…

Finally, it’s also worth noting that market cap is still very low compared to arguably lesser alternative cryptos: at the time of writing (23:30PM on Thurs 19/10/17) WTC’s market cap is precisely $175,662,123. There are projects now much higher in MC that have literally nothing. What’s going to happen when ICOs start to show their inability to deliver their core concept? It’s actually already happening in some cases, like Tezos.

And my prediction of what will happen is the serious players like Walton will grow exponentially, especially as their true commercial potential is realised and they operate as real businesses, while people generally become more tentative about blockchain business’ ability to deliver success to the public, which will be a trust that needs rebuilding for the most part, in time.

This is in line with Gartner’s “Hype Cycle”:

When you think about the dot-com bubble, and that there still emerged colossal victors, and then think about why, it is fairly easy to draw an analogy to WTC (and the bubble was valued at approx 7 TRILLION dollars prior to popping, 50 times more than global cryptos right now).

WTC is currently valued at ~$7. Its ATH is $9, and that was while being listed on one exchange only. Further to that, WTC has consistently traded with top 20 volume, and an interesting observation I made was that almost without fail, the other 19 coins up there with it, were in the top 20 coins by market cap. That to me suggests only one thing (considering the price has been rising and holding well): that it is undervalued right now.

They aim to hit mass production in one year.

Also, I’ve attached a link to an Evernote I sketched out quickly with some additional thoughts, links, and info:

Walton thoughts (my little scrap notebook): https://www.evernote.com/l/AeAWan6Cq3VPbqV72lz_mbuAQQFKiYmGtZk

Anyway, I wanted to try something a little different by writing about cryptos. I hope somebody finds and enjoys it!

If you find this useful, feel free to share info if as you like, just in the same spirit. I wholeheartedly recommend commenting if you have any thoughts — discussion is good. Good luck. Crypto is starting to change mine and my family’s life and I hope it can do the same for you!

If you like what I wrote, and would like me to write more like this, and possibly evaluations of top coins, please do recommend the story/share with others. It will help me gauge.

Take care, Alex.

Disclaimer: this is not investment advice, and you should always do your own research, while not staking more than you’re able to lose. This applies to all investment. The opinions here are my own, and I do hold WTC and plan to continue to for the (long-term) foreseeable future.