My five minute read is that could read on partciular React implimentation, but not React generally.
Dennis Walsh

after reading that Patent I believe it covers vdom rendering if I’m not mistaken (I could totally be wrong). It was very interesting to read it since I understand how React’s vdom works as well as others. It’s initially explaining old versions of vdom which turned out to be iframes or server calls but they mentioned it can also run in JavaScript (vdom) towards the bottom. They go over how single page apps work and the concept of a full rerender (something React kept mentioning) but not affecting the client by only sending the diffs which can be json/html/xml to render. So it’s an app that simulates a full page render in any method (js/iframe/server) then renders the actual page by the diffs. So at the end of the day vdom was just an old concept (pjax) but was done in a smart way similar to turbolinks but it knows which dom to replace/update rather than replacing the whole body/head. I can also help you interpret this if you need more knowledge of old/new website/js tech or I can point out sections that I’ve noticed which could be vdom

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