I’ve recently changed from Sublime Text to Atom and I couldn’t be happier. Although it isn’t native and the startup is a little bit slower, it’s open-source software and you get some very useful built-in features that you don’t have in Sublime, like the possibility to duplicate a file and instantly rename it or handling git merge conflicts visually in the editor.

In addition, Atom also has the advantage of being very modular and including a package manager without the need to run hacky ruby scripts to extend it. …

So, you’re bootstrapping a new Laravel 5.4 application that will be your million-dollar idea and you need to fill the database with fake data to test during development.

Your app has a lot of models and relationships and your database seeders need to fill attributes that are foreign keys, referencing other tables.

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As an example, let’s think of an app in which we have User and Match models.

If you’re a developer and do a lot of work in the command line, having multiple terminal instances running at the same time is mandatory.

As my coding environment is Windows 10 (with a bunch of Ubuntu VMs) and I don’t like the default Git Bash application, I chose ConEmu as the alternative.

ConEmu is a Windows console emulator that allows several instances to run at the same time, be it a Cmd prompt, Git bash or a Powershell instance, inside the same window and in different tabs.

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Git bash instance on Windows 10

In my opinion, one of the best features of ConEmu is the possibility of having several tabs open side by side. This is useful when, for example, you’re SSH’ing your guest OS and doing other operations in the host. …

Last week, at work, while installing a past project, I faced some errors and exceptions that shouldn’t appear in a project that supposedly was working fine. After a bit of research, I was fully convinced that those errors had to do with conflicts between the installed PHP version (7.1) in my Homestead machine and the one in which the project was developed.

At that moment I realized I should have an environment with PHP 7.0 to be able to work in older projects, so I started trying to downgrade the PHP version. All the suggested methods were too hacky and I couldn’t risk corrupting my working Homestead environment, so I decided to try and install a new Vagrant box with an older version of Homestead alongside my current one. …


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Software Engineer working in the web development world.

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