I admit I had a hard time with it for a while, not because he was gay, but because I felt hurt he lied to me about something so central.
It’s so interesting the things we stumble on, isn’t it?
miranda deely

I can understand this. I just spent the weekend with my best childhood friend. Our families were friends — his parents immigrated from a similar region in Italy as my mom and his grandparents lived upstairs from us. So we got to spend a great deal of time together. He came out to me the year after we graduated college. I can remember the moment well. And while I was happy he felt he could tell me, I had to privately deal with my feelings of hurt that he maybe wasn’t the person I knew. Or maybe he wasn’t as truthful with me. Their is a lot of complexity with coming out — for everyone involved. I think we like the fairy tale stories that end with “everyone lived happily ever after.” and while that may be the way things end, getting to that ever after is a process. I imagine even a more complicated process for a father/daughter relationship.

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