Are you intentionally punning?
H. Nemesis Nyx

I didn’t set out to pun, but realized quickly that’s exactly what was happening :)

You don’t have to be sorry H.

I am still in mourning, though I am slowly getting on my feet again. Mirah Curzer’s piece is so eloquent to this point of fighting each other.

I think the left does that so well — fighting each other. And it hurts. Keeps us stuck and looking inward. More than ever we need to be focused out there. We need to be vigilant.

There are great reads about the value of the pin or the non-value of the pin. I encourage everyone to figure out what works for them and then move on. There is so much work to be done on a macro level it feels unbelievably hard. And we need each other.

Thanks for being you. It is always so great to know you are here — fierce advocate!

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