And Gloria DiFulvio, you better have made it.
A Fusion Bistro In A Not Yet Completely Gentrified Area Of Town

Oh I’m definitely there alto! I haven’t stopped talking once in fact. I checked out the menu while have two different conversations. Truth is I wanted to try four different dishes and kept changing my mind. I would decide when the waitress got there. I didn’t even notice that she had come and gone — what was that spirit crap Kali was talking about? Is that how we ended up with grilled cheese? I can’t eat gluten!

Sally is next to me. I snuck her in telling the group she was an ENFP and telling her we were meeting some people to discuss the logistics of landscaping. She’s already commented on the mason jars. She doesn’t care about their origins she just wants to know why people would drink out of them. Is she the only one that finds the width of the jar too big for her mouth? Even a quarter inch thinner and it would be much more likely to facilitate the water going into her mouth rather than down her shirt. She also wants to know why their is exactly 3 spoons missing and three others don’t match the rest of the silverware. And why is everyone still talking. She finds Facebook more interesting. She’s glad that David Montgomery has finally arrived. At least there is someone else who is a little more grounded then the rest of this group.

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