I don’t know when I first learned that rowing could be a sport, but I’ve always had a starry-eyed…
Oliver “Shiny” Blakemore

Thank you Oliver Shiny! I could talk about rowing all day…So feel free to stop here if I am boring you (now or at any point). I’ll try to keep it short :)

My partner started rowing about 16 years ago as an adult (well she will tell you she showed up for one practice in college but then decided she wanted to spend more time with her boyfriend and practices were just too early in the morning). I watched her diligently for 12 years before I decided maybe it was time for me to be more than a spectator. I have a (somewhat) healthy fear of water so I never imagined that I would row. There just didn’t see to be enough boat around me to feel comfortable. But four years later, I am addicted and in love with the sport.

I’ve written about rowing here before, but to summarize, there is nothing that has challenged me more physically, emotionally, mentally — all at the same time — then rowing. Each day I’m confronted with new ways of thinking about life and new lessons about living in the world.

If you ever get a chance — even for a day — give it a try. It has changed my life.

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