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Now, if my creative self could think a little quicker, that might have been the title of the story I wrote. I am thrilled to be a part of daCunha — I think what you all are creating over there is terrific!

This story had been sitting with me for a long time. While weight and obesity are not my areas of research as a public health professional, my field has been obsessed with understanding the risks and health outcomes associated with obesity. There is good reason for this. There are a good number of preventable diseases associated with excessive weight and lack of exercise. But I am continually disheartened by the ways in which we frame this as an individual problem, failing to recognize that the environment within which we live is our greatest risk.

As a woman, I feel that talk about food and weight permeates my world. And I have been impacted by this larger narrative as have most women. I look forward to the day when weight is literally lifted off of my shoulders by changing the way we think about, build policy around, and take action for a healthier enviornment.

Thanks for sharing this Allan. I look forward to reading more on daCunha!

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