All talk and no action or The Kings new clothes.

I have noticed a proliferation of so called “founders without portfolio” over the past year, what I mean by is the situation where a founder is talking and promoting themselves at various events in the local startup eco system but does not actually have a viable product or in fact any product that is remotely marketable.

In my example we have Jake who has registered a company and created a website for this company, lets for arguments sake say, the product that his company is promoting is electronic boots with an element on the sole that detect weather changes that turn on when the weather drops below 5 degrees to ensure that there is no ice under your feet.

There is no product only an idea, but Jake now considers himself an expert in Heated boots, wearables and IOT.

His tweets are picked up and he starts to give talks on wearables and design, but wait where is the product?

Let me see the real electronic boots, show me where i can buy them I don’t care about your hype machine, I don’t care about the talks you have given or the workshops you have held or the re-tweets from grass roots organisations.

By this point there is no product and never will be, as Jake is now in demand as a speaker and expert by the local startup Eco system.

This clearly is a case of the kings new clothes.

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