Why I run a group for women in Bitcoin
Rhian Lewis

There are many ways I am thinking about how I want to frame what I have to say and how I want to get my point across. One thing that popped into mind was how these ‘safe spaces’ are almost how a virus will inject itself into a living host to attempt to alter it for its own benefit and will at the expense of the host. After all nothing says segregated like doing it to yourself of your own free will.

I believe your intentions are good. And I dont even particularly care/mind you are separating yourselves from the larger bitcoin community at large. I could see how its less intimidating for woman to have a support group full of woman.

What I abhor and cannot tolerate is the inference its mens fault. Do you know what you call generalizing and placing blame on a group of people merely for a certain trait they posses? Bigotry! Or in this particular case, sexism. Even Racism given your quote about bitcoin being ‘dominated’ by mostly WHITE males. As if that is some sort of problem or issue that NEEDS to be SOLVED.

Because nothing screams equality like using sexism against men to solve the issue of your perceived sexism or discrimination against woman.