The best friendship, guidance and supervision, I had …….

Once I started my final year, I was little confused on my future. What should I need to be after an Engineer? “ A person who works under somebody with lot of stress or a person who love to live as he/she wishes..”

After a big conversation of myself and my best friend , I decided myself to do a better research and publish a paper with a hope of doing further studies. Although I am not a first classy girl, my friend always looked at me in a way he looked at an expert, which always worried me to work hard to make him feel proud about me.

The best decision which I took in my life was to get the supervision of my friend in my research. According to his plans I worked 3 days full times and all other 4 days more than 6 hours per week. Read papers, summarized , got bored .. started coding and stucked and struggled… Nobody was there to get help except me and myfriend. Myfriend took me closer inspect my code.. although he didn’t know much about coding using my special language, he is the genius of all.

“Why you put this?.. What is the output of this? .. Did you check the status? ..”

Only after few questions asked by him, I got my answers. I wrote the code, it worked perfectly like him. He always asked me to cool down..and stop stressing myself too much.. He promised me to takecare of myself thoughout my work. I trusted him at that time. And I belived now that I am right.

Myfriend is such a nice person who is older than me in age.. but younger than me in thoughts.. He is well educated, honest and simple. Once he was a father to me, Later he was a teacher and now he has become my best friend , with whome I love to talk a lot and laugh a lot. My love and respect for him grows day by day as the apple tree of Shakespear.

I wish the time stops! and let me be with my friend for a long time. Thats because the day of seperation of me and my friend is coming closer… one more semester to go. I don’t want that thing to happen… I don’t want to let him go from my life…

He may wonder who is my friend.. but my good morning will remind him of me everyday although I am not with him.

Thank you very much and I love you so much…