Your loneliness is telling you something listen to that…

When you are with a large crowd, having fun, you see only things that you are staying with. But there are lot of things hidden around you that you have not seen. One calm nice day, if you sit on a bench alone, under a large tree you can feel the thing which I am trying to tell you now. If you got a chance just try it.

Your body can feel the cool breeze, that you have never felt before. The breeze touches the body and give away all your sadness and tiredness. The grass under your feet will give you the freshness removing all the stresses from your body. Now you are feeling the nature around you.

See around, you can see people working, moving here and there like ants. Only you are now stopped. The world is moving like a mad dog. When they are going to stop and think like you. I always wonder.. Life is short. But our speed is faster than we expected. No time to think about us. No time to feel ourselves. No time to talk to ourselves. Is that what we want at the end of this race.

Be yourself. Don’t try to imitate what others do. Find yourself in your life race and stay happy forever.
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