Coal produces 33% of US electricity, China consumes 48% of the global annual production of coal…
David Cearley

“ A massive $3 billion package to help struggling coal communities transition to a new economy is sitting unappropriated in the Republican-led Congress. And lawmakers are saying little — at least publicly — about if and how they ever plan to support it.” —

“As part of the budget proposal released in February, the White House rolled out the POWER+ plan to support towns and communities struggling to cope with the decline in coal production and use. The initiative provides coal country with an influx of cash to reclaim abandoned mines, provide job training to miners, reform health and pension funds and invest in carbon capture technology.

“But in the four months since the White House announced the plan, leaders in Congress have not addressed it in any detail.”

Contrary to your statement, there have been some who have devoted much effort to rebuild coal country. However, Republicans would apparently prefer to use this a a political football rather than address possible solutions.

Place blame where it belongs.