A night at HackerYou’s Visibility:hidden

Last Friday I attended the 3rd installation of Visibility:hidden at HackerYou. Inspired by code in the dark, this is a friendly competitive event on which competitors have to emulate a design without being able to see their process on a browser. Each competitor has an additional screen, which is facing the audience and showing the process of their code. HackerYou sets the mood with awesome music and an audience of fellow developers.

The Rules

  1. 20 minutes of coding using HTML & CSS
  2. No preview of the code on the browser
  3. The text editor must be in fullscreen mode throughout the entire competition
Instructor’s round

Voting Time

After 20 minutes of coding, competitors stop typing. The audience takes a look at the competitor’s screen and vote for a winner.


After four exciting rounds, HackerYou’s alumni and my awesome mentor: Colin McCullough took the Visibility:hidden 2017 trophy.

I had a blast at this event and hope to participate next year. This concept is a great idea to learn and do networking with other developers.

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