Independent investigators found the data breach was not the fault of the Sanders Campaign, but was…
Lara Lohne

I’m not Lara, but I don’t recall seeing anything that said that the Sanders campaign used any of the data that was left on their servers. Do you have a link for that, Sasha?

As I wrote in a response to someone else, several Bernie supporters have been saying that suddenly they are receiving e-mails from the Clinton campaign, asking for donations. That right there points to a bit of data theft on their part, because Bernie was adamant about not providing the Clinton campaign with those e-mails that they really, *REALLY* wanted … and now they have them.

Too bad they will be of no use.

Yes, the DNC *DID* fuck up — from rigging the voting process itself, to that sham “unity” message they were trying to show everybody watching the convention (you *DID* see those videos from the Sanders delegates showing the white noise machines, the seat fillers, people taking away their signs, etc., right?), as well as how they were basically telling the Sanders delegates that they weren’t wanted.

So yes, a lot of those delegates have left the Democratic party and are going to be voting for Jill Stein … and no, 90 percent of them are *NOT* going to be voting for Hillary, despite what those news sources (you know, the ones that were found to be colluding with the DNC?) have been saying.

Apparently, that 90 percent figure was based on a poll which has been said to have used flawed data (leading questions, faulty samples, etc.).

Finally, since the mainstream media isn’t covering the election fraud, here’s a link to a video of the only guy I’ve seen that has been talking about it for quite a while: