Best crypto investment so far.

My best passive income so far.

Check them out. I get about 6–8% interest per month.


there is a lock up period for 6 months for any money that is “masternoded”

Even in the last few bear runs it produced a profit. Currently around 80% ish apr. “Profitable and proven crisis safe”. Benefits of this is the coins are converted to Euros, and tracked in that. So when BTC drops. Your balance stays the same as its in Fiat and still earning interest. (when it goes up it stays the same as well)

Excellent 4.8 out of 5 based on 757 reviews on Trustpilot.



Just a hard working Dad of 3 (girls) looking for a break.

My main side hustle until now was buying houses doing them up while living in them then selling them on.

We became more settled and not all the family wanted to move again. I was happy to.

So needed some else to do. I started looking into “Passive Income” came across a few videos about having a few different incomes to generate passive income.

Then I came across Crypto….! yep I’m one of them

Just like everyone else i was hooked, jumped into a spread sheet and my £1m plan was born.

This is my journey.