My half baked answer to all of these questions is that people stake out extreme (and often…

There is a second part to this; part of signaling virtue has been to attack those in your own tribe who are not sufficiently pure.

Because brownie points are awarded, both, for being as extreme as possible, and for ‘calling out’ those who have failed to meet the same standard, there is an escalation away from nuance.

‘Nuance’ has become an ‘N-word’ in circles which argue anyone raising counter arguments are trolls or heretics, and their points are designed to disguise all of the worst crimes of Social Justice. Nuance has become synonymous with ‘dog-whistle racism, sexism, Islamophobia, (A very contentious word unto itself) and all the other ‘Isms and phobias.’ The accusation is that any Devil’s Advocate position is a covert promotion of the worst-possible positions, and this has become an effective tool to eliminate self-examination within a movement.

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