Government Value Stack
Nick Bowden

Nick — I think this framework makes a ton of sense if — like most established large govtech companies — you’re only interested in serving large governmental entities with huge budgets. But the vast majority of governments, both domestically and internationally, are medium-sized or small. Most of them have never had the resources to afford or implement Oracle or SAP (although many do have some relationship with GIS via Esri). But every constituent, whether they live in LA or a town with only a few thousand people, deserves excellent digital services and access to real-time open data. That’s why we built CityGrows — to give governments of any size the option to create, manage, and analyze online forms, processes, and payments, at no- or low-cost, and without a heavy IT lift. You are absolutely correct that becoming a new system of record is a challenge, yet so many local governments have existed without any comprehensive digital infrastructure until now. Technology is finally easy-to-use and affordable enough that any size or shape of government can deploy it to the benefit of its staff and constituents — and constituents and government employees deserve to be able to monitor, notify/ get notifications, analyze, and engage. Very gratifying to see the functions we’ve prioritized for CityGrows reinforced in this piece. I’d also argue that governments should be able to learn from each other — a value that none of these legacy systems are built to support. We take our inspiration from GitHub, and are hoping to build the kind of collaborative ecosystem across governments that we see in the open source software movement… and we know how much change that’s brought. Keep these coming, please!