Announcing RMRK’s Integration with Gear, a Substrate-based WASM Smart Contract Platform

August 24, 2022 — We are pleased to announce the integration of RMRK with Gear Protocol!

RMRK is an NFT protocol dedicated to establishing a standard multi- chain NFT infrastructure originating in the Polkadot ecosystem. RMRK introduces innovative protocols to NFTs, incorporating five primitives together like “legos” to create flexible NFTs of arbitrary complexity.

We believe this integration aligns with our vision of enabling more developers to build using WASM for Web3. Furthermore, the integration of the RMRK standard into Gear enables nested, equippable, and multi-resourced NFTs. Resources and examples for new builders launching NFT projects can be found on .

About Gear

Gear is a next-generation WebAssembly smart contract platform based on Substrate. This platform will make it easier than ever for developers to bridge the gap between Web2 and Web3. Gear Protocol offers a “blockchain-as-a-service” platform. It will allow developers to deploy smart contracts into the Dotsama ecosystem in a matter of minutes and for a few pennies. No need to build a separate blockchain or win a parachain slot.

Gear’s unique advantage is in the implementation of the Actor model within the Substrate framework. The Actor model enables asynchronous contract execution, persistent memory for immutable programs,and a minimal, intuitive, robust API interface. Persistent memory allows users to drop some of domain-specific features out of the development process, and just write regular programs, speeding up the adoption.

Our vast amount of libraries and examples of smart contracts and dApps makes the integration or coding of new dApps easy and fast, like constructing from Lego blocks.

Learn more about Gear:

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About RMRK

RMRK is developing new standards for NFTs that can grant them long-lasting utility. The RMRK protocol is a system of NFT Legos which allows developers and designers to build composable, equippable, multi-resource NFTs which are multi-chain by default by virtue of being initially launched on Kusama, the center of a multi-chain universe. The NFTs can visually change based on other NFTs they own, but these NFTs are also eternally liquid and forward-compatible in that they can be made equippable by unrelated future projects that aren’t even planned yet.

RMRK has received investments from well-known institutions such as Hypersphere Ventures, D1 Ventures, YBB, PAKA, and DFG.

Learn more about RMRK:

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