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Could be a problem if I had a personal life. And frankly, thanks to my UK birth certificate, it’s likely he won’t be my problem much longer. (Not that it’ll stop me from fucking with him for shits & giggles.) Of course, he’ll still be an asshole, which is reason enough.

Trump matters about as much to me as the long-time neighborhood menaces who ran over my cat.

Named “Brimstone” (she had terrible gas).

With their Firebird.

On May 1st.

And were mysteriously never seen again. That was ten years ago.

(My crooked left arm is *dangerous*, I tell ya..)

Compared to that, it’s *all* shits & giggles as far as I’m concerned. I know I’ll never be happy anyway, so I’m free to hex the fuck out of anyone who pisses me off. I broke free from the whole feedback loop thing a long time ago; now I mostly just sit around between instant messages from Eris.

(She never says a word, of course — just an emoticon ;) )

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