Magic Unspillable Mug by Gear Gizmo
 The Magic Unspillable Mug is available online now! Have you ever knocked over your coffee while working at your desk, or spilt a drink over your computer keyboard or important papers? If you’re like the tens of thousands of other people who have had accidents in the office then you need to hear about some recent advancements in spill-proofing technology. Our team of industrial designers and mechanical engineers has been working hard together to develop and improve a system that will keep your drink from spilling should you ever bump it. This technology will stop your cup from falling over but still allows it to lift naturally, just life any standard mug or drink bottle would. This special gripping technology is going to change the future of drinking in the office place. So incredible its power and effectiveness that you won’t even really believe it until you see it for yourself in person. We personally went around the streets of London showing off this great new device to people and so many of them were in complete disbelief at how this is even possible. You never again need to worry about coffee stained documents for your laptop computer short-circuiting after you accidentally spill liquid on it. With the GearGizmo Magic Unspillable Mug liquid spills are a thing of the past! It’s not only useful in the office either. Take your unspillable mug with you anywhere! With the included lid you can use your magic mug as a drink bottle on the go. Take it with you to the gym, during recreational activities, or pretty much anywhere else. Reduce your carbon footprint by carrying your own water with you instead of buying plastic bottled water every day. With thermal insulation and a BPA free liner, you can use this mug, you can now take your drinks — hot or cold — anywhere, anytime. Not only is this mug practical and environmentally friends, it will also impress your friends no end with it’s magic grip base. Get one for yourself and find out just how incredible these really are. We guarantee you will be in awe at the technology, and won’t be able to stop yourself from telling other people about your newest favourite accessory. The GearGizmo Magic Unspillable Mug also makes a great gift. Get one for some of your loved ones today!

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