Top 3 Ford Broncos: Going Topless

As summer passes and we move into winter time all I can do is reminisce of nice summer days, driving with the top down and enjoying the warm winter days as the wind blows through my hair. Most people want to cruise topless in something sport such as a Ford Mustang or maybe even a Miata but not me, I want the big, bulky Ford Bronco. Not only can I go anywhere but I can also enjoy the top being off with this iconic SUV. My friend had one in high school and I bought my first in college, never looking back I only hope to see the new ford bronco concept produced so I can have one once again, as I am just not up for the maintenance on the classics. Lets take a look at my all time favorite 3 convertible Ford Broncos of any generation.

3) This 1977 Ford Bronco known as “Sarge”

This custom 1977 Bronco was done in a matte green and has a look to match its name. It was completely rebuilt and featured a 5 liter 302 horsepower v8 from a Ford Explorer to help scoot it down the road or up through a mile of mud. Matched with a C4 tranny, Dana 44 in the front and 9 inch rear this was an easy one to place on my list as my number 3 Ford Bronco.

2) The 2015 Ford Bronco Concept

The new Ford Bronco concept is a real beauty and has been creating a lot of buzz lately. I can’t say too much because it’s a concept but I’d to jump in with her top off on any given summer day. With the 3.5 liter Ecoboost I don’t think I’d be doing much off-roading, more of a city slicker in this one but if they produce the SVT edition with a few upgrades I’d happily take this Bronco anywhere in the world.

3)1971 Ford Bronco

Nothing normal about this 1971 Bronco and you can see why by looks alone it easily tops my list. With a 351 Winsdor dragging it around, this Bronco is highly capable of going off-road or city driving. The 5.5 inch lift plus a 3 inch body lift make sure that nothing will be getting in the way of you, rocks, mod, or a little Miata that might need to be ran over.

Anyone have a Bronco that they think should of made the list? If so, show her off to me. If not, the Bronco was my topless passion for cruising nice summer days, what vehicle was yours?