Stranger Circumstances

My polar opposite

We met at a very strange circumstances.

I was just adapting to the new working environment in HHR, and you were still chasing that girl who left you waiting for one year. I was not looking for love, I was looking for a sustainable career. You’ve made your mark in the office, and your first impression of me was ‘that cocky girl who refuse my birthday treat saying that she’s already has a dinner plan with her friend’.

You started to love me at a very strange circumstances.

Our 12-straight-hour Line chat leaves a deep mark for you and you treasured it so much. The chat was your cue to leave that girl who fooled you; but for me it was just a chat with a stranger. You seemed okay with my cheap humor, so I kept replying.

We shared our deepest emotions at a very strange circumstances.

I was the first person you told when your father died; I didn’t reply that chat until the next day even though you know I’ve read it. I told you my dreams, my deepest fears, my views on the world at a very casual dinner session. I didn’t know why you open up so much to me. I was single my whole life, can’t catch the clue of people trying to building a relationship here. And there you were, said that I was not like the regular girls.

We complete each other in a very strange circumstances.

We are the exact opposite of each other. You are introvert, I am extrovert. My parent is my role model; your parent show you that you have to be a better one, unlike them. You were lonely. I was alone.

We are making memories out of various strange circumstances.

It was you and your habit of moving from one kosan to another. It was my habit of keep trying new things before completing the last one. It was our silly languages and obsession with cats. It was your overly-wet kiss and my overly-warm body. My kick-the-blanket-away pose and your let’s-sleep-diagonally position. And yet you still want to hug me; I still want to kiss you.

Now the world leads our ways separately — in a very strange circumstances.

You are having lunch while I am having breakfast. It’s also weirdly funny that people had taken away most of the things with which we had build our memories together. And there you are, tired of being lonely; yet here I am, longing to be alone.

But we were once strangers, schatz.

No circumstances can be more stranger now that we have what we are now.

Things we cannot see are our strongest rock. One day I will be tired of being alone, and you will never be lonely anymore.

This is our pave towards our familiar circumstances.

Rotterdam, 21 September 2016

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