Making and maintaining useful proactive connections is a skill, a talent and an ability. Practice is key. Intention and focus are fundamenatal tools. We use these tools in synchronized harmony with the technology of imagination to co-create a reality where we share the abundance that is generated from free creative people.

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The visual bias of digital media is limiting. ‘Earthing’ , grounding is the true connection. We are water based, electromagnetic, bio organisims on the physical level. Our neural network benefits from releasing free radicals and absorbing rejuvenating electrons transferred from the planet to us through our bare feet our gardening hands. There is information in this exchange. Our lymphatic system, which uses lipids to neutralize acids in our body is stimulated to filter toxins by the magnetic, alkeline pulse of Earth. For eons this relationship has been established and passed on due to its direct impact on the health of human life. As we cultivate our food from our hand connection with the seed and soil we are invited into countless sub cultures and secret societies. …

In response to the ‘Far future of Soil’ by Peter K. Haff

Another scenario. Another story

Our personal mastery of self and its auric effects in our field will generate an energy of biological healing harmonics. The psychosphere and causal plane can be experienced in a state of peace and equanimity. This is a discipline that may be shared and absorbed. This practice will allow a deep sense of belonging and gratitude to be established for the soil that we are an animated, conscious expression of.

Gratitude will contribute to satisfaction. This experience of satisfaction will support the reality of trust. Trust in the abundance and capacity of ourself and soil as our material source, will encourage generosity. As we begin to share and serve, our energy consumption harmonizes to the pattern of balance so that we become as a conduit for the continuous creative flow of power directed toward limitless health. Our energetic alignment with the natural sources of energy such as the Sun, tides and wind sustains a renewable supply of power. We are at rest when the pulse of supply subsides and we are active when the power surges. …

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above: Who Really Feeds the World by Vandana Shiva

What written word will encourage action? How is this inspiration to action shown and valued? Where do we see support for life in our world?

A business model generation is focused on pitching ideas for innovative ways to generate profit. Who needs to be convinced? We all know where wealth, control and power are rooted. Earth is the provider for our material world of needs and desires. We work on her terms. We thrive as ourselves in service to this planet. This may happen through products or production. At this time ‘products’ can be banking instruments or commodity crops. …

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