eugene alala
Feb 13, 2018 · 2 min read


Making and maintaining useful proactive connections is a skill, a talent and an ability. Practice is key. Intention and focus are fundamenatal tools. We use these tools in synchronized harmony with the technology of imagination to co-create a reality where we share the abundance that is generated from free creative people.

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The visual bias of digital media is limiting. ‘Earthing’ , grounding is the true connection. We are water based, electromagnetic, bio organisims on the physical level. Our neural network benefits from releasing free radicals and absorbing rejuvenating electrons transferred from the planet to us through our bare feet our gardening hands. There is information in this exchange. Our lymphatic system, which uses lipids to neutralize acids in our body is stimulated to filter toxins by the magnetic, alkeline pulse of Earth. For eons this relationship has been established and passed on due to its direct impact on the health of human life. As we cultivate our food from our hand connection with the seed and soil we are invited into countless sub cultures and secret societies. We are in the cirlce of grandmothers and the silent world of worms. These have all outlived us as generational archtypes of goodness and purpose.


Timeless skills are always valuable among those who lead families and communities

Growing food is primary to wellness and wealth

A principled society is sprouting as the corporatocracy is exposed as insufficient.

While reading the book ‘Seventh Sense’ we are reminded by the author repeatedly of the benefits and controls of digital networks. These membership groups exist in many spheres of life including news, currency, travel, data, medicine and warfare. These digital regions are ultimatley directed by those who code the gates. We are customers in their casino. We may win. We may invest in the building. We may repair the machines. Still, every gambler in the place is hungry now, or will be hungry soon. Do you really think the cheap food in America will last another ten years? What will happen then?

When we read that success in this age is predicated by who and what networks we are connected to, think about the soil rhizome, the mycelium web and the crystal frequency of sand and clay. Who is connected to this? What are the data connections and system wide complexities that are constantly being organically shared and upgraded each millisecond? This is the source of the unique flavor and fragrance of clean food. This is the reason for the inspired conversation and rooted calmness this clean food promotes.Who grows this food? What is the value of this specific connection to soil in a society where our best minds leave this biodiversity aside in favor of googles of data bytes that have no taste?

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