eugene alala
Aug 7, 2017 · 2 min read

In response to the ‘Far future of Soil’ by Peter K. Haff

Another scenario. Another story

Our personal mastery of self and its auric effects in our field will generate an energy of biological healing harmonics. The psychosphere and causal plane can be experienced in a state of peace and equanimity. This is a discipline that may be shared and absorbed. This practice will allow a deep sense of belonging and gratitude to be established for the soil that we are an animated, conscious expression of.

Gratitude will contribute to satisfaction. This experience of satisfaction will support the reality of trust. Trust in the abundance and capacity of ourself and soil as our material source, will encourage generosity. As we begin to share and serve, our energy consumption harmonizes to the pattern of balance so that we become as a conduit for the continuous creative flow of power directed toward limitless health. Our energetic alignment with the natural sources of energy such as the Sun, tides and wind sustains a renewable supply of power. We are at rest when the pulse of supply subsides and we are active when the power surges. This responsiveness accounts for the seasons experienced at the ground level.

We merge with these surges and offer our potency into the purified entheosphere to be utilized for accelerated, balanced and efficient soil regeneration. This intercourse of our intention with the seasonal rhythms of nature will happen globally through those who work to release control and celebrate precision. We will release precisely the divine requirement of our essence in synchronicity with nature’s readiness to rebuild.