eugene alala
Dec 12, 2016 · 5 min read

This planet Earth is our Mother. We are formed from the minerals, water and life frequencies that flow from her. Earth may be the only Mother in creation that conceives her offspring (plants, animals and humans) and grows them to maturity inside her womb. In fact we never physically leave the womb of Earth even at death. We are created, live and leave our bodies all within the atmosphere and material surroundings of this dynamic, spacious womb of planet Earth. As we know when a fetus is in the womb of the mother it is protected and vulnerable. The experiences that are affecting the mother have a profound affect on the unborn within her. If the mother is in danger or being abused the infant in the womb is imprinted with fear.

At this time many of us are hyper focused on our own personal dramas. This is a choice we make in an effort to make sense of the deep pain, confusion and loneliness we feel as the root discord of our culture is exposed and our greed pushes the climate to extremes. We have been socialized in the western world to put our desires at the center of our attention. This cultural immaturity leads us to assume that our dissatisfaction and pain is rooted in unfulfilling personal relationships, economic instability and anxiety regarding our health challenges. These are all real experiences, though they are all based on much larger ecological and psychospiritual patterns of conflict and abandonment.

There are indigenous First Nation citizens at Standing Rock in North Dakota enduring tremendous hardship and violent attacks to protect Water. Water is a generous, humble healer. Native people value and respect Water as a living being that sustains us all. It is safe to assume that many, if not all, of the individuals staying in prayer through blizzards and police violence are also experiencing personal challenges and disappointment in their daily home life. Yet they still remain in prayer. It is certain that many who are camped out along the river on sacred land are facing fears in relationships, employment and personal health crisis the same as we are. Still they remain out there in prayer to protect the Water and initiate the transformation of the social engineering that has made us all addicted to fossil fuel death culture.

Surely these courageous people have personal issues that seem urgent to address. Surely as a Nation dispossessed of their land and rights they have outstanding debts in this false financial system as well as heart ache with loved ones and critical health issues that demand their attention. Still they have come to the land where the Water is threatened by an unnecessary oil pipeline to be in prayer.

They come to be in Solidarity

They come to ask forgiveness

They come to offer service

They come to teach us once again how to care for our Mother planet

Those of us who find ourselves arguing and lashing out at those close to us and resisting the love they offer, or pushing away friends and family based on situations not being in line with our expectations, we are expressing a perverted privilege that is born from a false idea of individuality. Those who are using our energy and focus to develop strategies for earning more money and building businesses will soon be forced to realize that as Earth’s children it is impossible for us to create individual wealth inside the womb of our Mother Earth that is in trauma due to climate change. There are others determined to live a life of peak performance and physical wellness based on integrating exercise and superfoods, all of which are sourced and experienced here on Earth, which is being attacked by fossil fuel greed.

It is natural to desire harmonious relationships, abundant health and material comfort because these conditions can be experienced here on Earth with humility and cooperation. These conditions of comfort, peace and belonging are the pattern of life that Mother Earth has offered us since the beginning. It is the culture of ego, greed and fear that have poised us at this extreme moment of transition. We feel we deserve wealth, health and love regardless of what horror our planet and it’s most devoted human servants are facing. How can we expect to live in a state of joy if the Mother who’s womb we are still within is experiencing rape, toxicity and abandonment? How can we as her infant children blindly push for marriage, children and wealth while She is attacked, poisoned and left alone?

Yes our fears and desires are real. Yes our discontent, disappointment and disease is real. Yes we must use our intention to resolve these issues. Is our ego based effort the best strategy for achieving the sense of safety we are grasping for? The Water Protectors are praying in the snow as militarized police and press return home. I am opening myself to learn another valuable lesson from Native land-based people. These protectors remain in prayer for the rivers, the land, animals and humans despite being burdened with the same disappointment, judgement, fear and poverty we face in our lives. Their approach is to pray and serve our Mother Planet as a priority for restoring balance, justice and safety. This powerful LOVE can assist in making real change when we apply it to all our quiet, invisible acts of service. Our heartfelt prayer in our private time is potent as it joins with the thousands, millions of people globally who are ready to conceive of a new vision for life that includes the needs of the planet. I am injecting this intention into our ongoing work of small scale urban faming utilizing agroecological practices to build soil that can store carbon as well as produce nutrient dense food that is valuable for the people around us and allows us to earn more income to send as support to indigenous people on the frontline. With these focused actions we offer our energy in service to help bring us back into alignment so we may all live in love, peace and abundance.

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