eugene alala
Aug 29, 2016 · 3 min read

GeoEngineering is affecting our ecology both internal and external, through the dumping of millions of pounds of toxic, metallic nan0 particles in our atmosphere. As we witness the increase in autism and alzheimer’s the correlation is worth serious examination. Of course, along with the weather modification protocols environmental racism and biological warfare are integrated to target catastrophe and disease to perpetuate fear. As we examine GMO’s (genetically modified organisms) through this lens it becomes clear that land based people all over the world are being pressured by the western failing financial system. As the architects of this global banking network dig D.U.M.B.S. rather than accept responsibility for their role in our dangerous position, we have the role of creating cooperation and healing on the planets surface.

How do local food systems function in the strategic solution framework? First we can agree to repurpose much of the vacant, bank owned properties scattered throughout many urban cities. This can be accomplished with the same creativity and innovation that invented fractional lending and futures trading. Energy is universal, it can be utilized for peace and abundance as effectively as it can create war and poverty. Urban farmers must receive priority for this housing to expand clean food production to combat the poisoning of our air, water and soil. Growers practicing agroecology are using the diversity of fruit trees, compost crops, flowers, herbs and vegetable production to create micro climates as urban purification zones. These systems will feed us as well as provide incubator habitats for insects, birds and animals. These organized zones of urban farmhouses have profound affects on mental health, public safety and long term economic sovereignty.

What resources and stakeholders need to be included in this collaborative effort? Medical institutions, technical colleges, realtors, local food organizations, schools, private foundations and farmers can form the core committee to develop logistics. Remember the banks are failing, military is overstretched and potential presidents are preoccupied with quarreling and bribes. The financial resources are already accessible in our community. We aimlessly spend/waste our income on entertainment in the form of sports events, movies, amusement parks, religious gatherings, electronics, fashion and cosmetics. We have the currency to do much to transform our condition. We can utilize social media to spread the word and mobilize as well as to expose the corruption that is killing our forests and loved ones.

We are at the moment in our planets evolution when we as a species can decide to serve rather than consume. We can reduce our addiction to entertainment and shopping and train ourselves to value real work. We must make time to learn natural skills like growing food, building, sewing, food & medicine preparation and meditation and celebrate those who teach us. Spreadsheets will be a lot less important very soon. The systems we create will support the courageous academics and civil servants who come forward to expose the corruption that has been ignored by politicians for too long. Geoengineering, biological warfare and climate modification have been sustained through coordinated efforts with military, academic, political and financial sectors. The same coordination will change the tide. These agroecology systems will have the broad function of protecting the activists as well as investing in the growers who plant the dynamic food forests that will feed us and detoxify our lives. Please view this video and follow this link for more information.

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