eugene alala
Sep 10, 2016 · 2 min read

In reality we are ALL working together. The women and men at Standing Rock in Dakota territory are willing to demonstrate their commitment to the preservation of the planet that birthed us. The natural expression of the love for the land and water is what we are witnessing as they face the intentions of greed and ignorance. It is human to respond to the force of destruction with collective love power.

We are witnessing Indigenous families coming together as One Nation to continue to preserve the precious nature of earth and water. This balance remains of crucial and infinite value for life.

Those who wish to live are growing food with clean water. First Nation people have been established along rivers since the birth of culture. This is how we have always thrived and developed our sophistication in harmony with the laws that govern creation. The current fossil fuel pollution system is in direct conflict with the necessary natural evolution of life on our planet.

How do we establish ‘ownership’ of land? Why do we establish ‘ownership’? How has this foreign concept shaped all that we do to feel secure? At this time we are involved in a mental transmutation that is very uncomfortable for those who seek security in external symbols. The ancient vision sees the one body that we feed and the one body that sustains us as a singular physical truth. As well as knowing the self as an expression of the singular spirit that expresses through all our relations. These worldviews transform our actions as we think of how to energize our lives for most efficient fulfillment of our purpose.

At this moment farmers in Iowa and First Nation earth protectors are united in working to stop the digging of an unnecessary pipeline for the distribution of an outdated energy fuel. Still who can claim honestly that they ‘own’ the land? Who bestowed original ownership?

No one owns land.

So what are the criteria being examined to decide ownership?; false legal papers, fiat currency and/or propensity for violence? Who is reviewing the criteria? What Indigenous women are being consulted on the treaties, laws and prophecy? Historical evidence as well as present day events illustrate clearly who values the sacred river waters. The news film also reveals who is willing to stand with the leash of attack dogs in their hands.


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