What’s it worth to you? the #value of #farming

eugene alala
Jul 24, 2017 · 4 min read

above: Who Really Feeds the World by Vandana Shiva

What written word will encourage action? How is this inspiration to action shown and valued? Where do we see support for life in our world?

A business model generation is focused on pitching ideas for innovative ways to generate profit. Who needs to be convinced? We all know where wealth, control and power are rooted. Earth is the provider for our material world of needs and desires. We work on her terms. We thrive as ourselves in service to this planet. This may happen through products or production. At this time ‘products’ can be banking instruments or commodity crops. Speculation is for those who are living with a belief in the illusion that we can continue the rage of corporate warfare to steal resources by violence from any place on Earth where the weapons of our adolescent soldiers are superior. Production is fundamentally an action that is consistent in order to generate progress.

At some point digital currency must purchase food to be valuable. The means to food is our determining propeller. The greed we witness is foreign. This greed is dying and must be replaced by an intense drive to plant, cultivate and share.

We are the children of an itelligent universe. We have responsibility and purpose in our world. We have collective power and we share physical resources globally.

How would you like to source your food?

What fruits and vegetables do you eat most often?

What would you like to eat more of?

How much do you think a small scale urban farmer should earn annually?

When will the farm be sustainable?

Connecting the consumer to the producer creates solidarity, stability and respect. In short distance supply chains the growers can adjust their crops to the requests of customers and consumers can visit the farm and learn the growing processes. The expansive verticle food system is focused on transportation, administration and war machines. The long distance transportation of food in trucks, planes, boats and rail cars is expensive to our ecology and economy. The war tanks and weapons vehicles used to occupy the land of people across oceans are the same mechanisims reconfigured and rebuilt as tractors, combines and poison sprayers. These machinse are only necessary in large scale agri-business that happens on huge expanses of land, far from the urban population, never even considered as a destination for a field trip or vacation visit.

For those who value peace, supporting a farmer close to you is extremely effective. Listening to their observations and experiences can offer you insight as to what to pay attention to as our society collapses. Many times small scale farmers live in poverty and therefor have a unique position in capitalism as producers of essential goods and still being undervalued by society worldview. As this ignorance increases, those who value the right to pure, healthy, local food will face the truth of the corporate attack on indigenous people and thier land. The targeted attack on the working poor by reinforcing the mind control tactics of entertainment and education in news and social media are all becoming clear. For over 3 generations in America there has been a social engineering campaign to drive working people away from the land and into urban areas. This campaign has been active while simultaneously mechanising agriculture systems that are hundreds of miles from the end consumer and utilizing slave labor and tortured animals for millions of urban meals. As we spend more time indoors and in built environments we mutate. We are designed to live in nature, naturally. We are designed to sweat and feel the cold of winter. Our pineal gland requires time in the Sun in order to regulate serotonin and melatonin production. Our disconnection from our naturally growing plant food is altering our levels of compassion, care and empathy.

Will the local food allies collectively invest in property to build sustainability into the new food systems from the start? Will adovcates challenge the organizations that are creating an ever expanding administrative class that is unnecessary as we create effiecient short distance food supply chains? We can utilize direct communication platforms to come together and create resilient food abundance communities that emerge around agroecological land trusts. These trusts can ensure the land is protected for ecological restoration, food production, sustainable housing and generational wealth.

Some of us are in the time of awakening. You may soon find yourself at a farmers market. Buy some food directly from the hands who grew it. Ask the controller of those hands one intelligent question that relates to their life of growing food? Ask what is on your heart. Examine the reasons you dont grow food. Ask what will happen if no one wants to?

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