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Recently we took a risk and started using a certain word as a growth hack method, and (SPOILER ALERT!) to date it has worked marvellously. We chanced upon this word accidentally and found that people were five times more willing to talk to us just by adding this one word to our emails.

The word is ‘shamelessly’

We started using it after Ben, the founder of EMERGE App, received a cold email from an advertiser. Although it was a mass spam email, he remembered it being about something silly like selling coconut trees in India and shared it with us. …

Life is a struggle. It’s meant to be that way. Every moment of the day we’re struggling against something, be it poverty (what most of us spent most of the day doing), boredom, meaninglessness, or just simply loneliness.

Like all 20 somethings, I’m struggling too. …

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From: http://hear-the-boat-sing.blogspot.co.nz

and why i hate it too.

i love rowing. that’s a fact. it has been a fact in my life for a little over a year now.

i love it how you can’t (mainly) row by yourself. yes, there are boats for singles, but the majority of the rowing world operates in at least in pairs. that means that you have to get up close and personal with at least one other person in you want to survive out there on the water. not to do well, mind you, but just to survive requires communication and coordination,or else you can pick up swimming as a sport.

just to put it out there, rowing’s not a fun sport. …


Jeriel Tan

Working for the good of others

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