Deep struggle

Life is a struggle. It’s meant to be that way. Every moment of the day we’re struggling against something, be it poverty (what most of us spent most of the day doing), boredom, meaninglessness, or just simply loneliness.

Like all 20 somethings, I’m struggling too. I’m struggling against the future image of what my life could be versus what it is. It’s the struggle of dreams vs reality, because right now, both are distinct and very far apart from each other. At the same time, there must be some element of one in the other for us as humans to continue living.

To live purposefully, one must have tangible hopes and dreams to sustain and nourish the soul, while having enough to have their physical needs met. That is the reality of life. Losing sight of either one is dangerous, and leads people to extreme ends of the spectrum. If one loses his dreams, he loses hope in life. If one only lives in the clouds, he’ll soon find that reality packs a wallop.

However, the balance between these two is not always 50/50. If you’re in the top 20% of the world’s population, chasing dreams becomes a right and not privilege. If you’re part of the rest, staying alive usually occupies the majority of your attention. Life is not fair, and we should not expect it to be so.

I too need to balance my dreams with reality. My dreams of being an entrepreneur and bringing value to people, versus the current daily needs of paying rent, food, bills, and generally making ends meet. I want many things in life, but most if not all of them will have to wait. Right now I need to knuckle down and focus on one thing, so that I can be better equipped to chase my dreams soon.

I need to dig deep in order to climb higher. Stay true to my values of integrity, respect, compassion, diligence and grit. Find role models, people whom I look up to, both in my industry and around me. Find a way to start giving back to people, cause giving is not a habit acquired overnight. Start conversations with people, anyone because there’s always something new to learn.

I have to look OUT for others, and stop looking IN just for myself.

I have to also constantly be doing. There’s no time for entertainment or distraction. Living a life of value requires you to DO SOMETHING to be of value.

Let me start today. Let this be a reminder of what I am and where I’m going. This is my first step on a journey to being the best I can be, not for me but for others less privileged than me.

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