Best pest services provided here with lots offacilities in chico, CA. gecko pest services also provides these services at only 30dollar per month which is very cheap keeping an eye all the other pest controlservices provider. gecko pest services not only provides the pest control servicesbut also organic programs. the whole website contains a blog which helps inkeeping everyone informed about the pest controlling facilities everywhere. byproviding organic pest controlling services, the environment also can be keptsafe. when they are purely safe, gecko pest services also give pest infos so thatone can have knowledge of all the pest and their behaviours.

At Gecko Pest Control we are committed to providing safe effective pest control! Give us a call today, you will be glad you did.

Product Classes (continued)


Several of the products we use have this class of pesticide. It is very affective for spiders and many other common household pests. This is a class of pesticides that are very closely related to the naturally occuring pesticide pyrethrum. Pyrethrum is derived from chrysanthemum flower. It has been used in pest control for decades. The problem with pyrethrum is that it loses its effectiveness very quickly. Pyrethoids are a synthetic version of the natural occurring substance. The synthetic version remains affective for 60–75 days provided a very affective product yet, safe for your family and pets when applied correctly.


This is a class of pesticides we use for ant control and flea control. Neonicotinoids are very similar to nicotine. They are very lethal to pest because of the biological make up of bugs. However it is very safe to use around your family and pets. Several products for controlling fleas on your pets use this class of pesticide. Advantage flee control is actually placed directly on your pets. This gives us confidence that it must be a very safe product to use around your home.

All of our pest control services begin with a thorough analysis of the infested area. During this part of the process we look for any signs of unwanted pests. We inspect the interior and exterior of your building and the immediate surroundings to identify areas of concern. We then plan specific treatments to control and prevent those pests from entering your property.]

The most effective way to control unwanted spiders if the removal of their cobwebs. This helps keep spiders from establishing a nest, and improves the appearance of your property.

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