Identifying The Wall Mount That Matches Your Need

You walk into a TV store and get excited over which TV to pick. But did you know that a TV wall mount plays an important role in your viewing experience?

Just picture this — a HD display, the perfect blend of colour, but viewing from an uncomfortable position! One of the main benefits of a TV wall mount is that it helps conserve space and gives a sleek, modern look.

Several home-owners quickly buy a wall-mount for the main purpose of saving on foot space in the room only later realising the several types that are available.

If you’re thinking of purchasing you wouldn’t want to be uninformed.

Here’s a quick overview of the different types of TV wall mounts you can choose from based on your requirements and pricing.
Low-profile TV wall mount

You’ll find that when you purchase this mount, it is extremely light. Its primary and only purpose is to support the TV mounted on the wall. The brackets are built in a way that does not allow adjustment. You’ll have to be sure of the exact angle and tilt you require prior to installation.

Tilting wall mount

Built to support your different viewing needs whether you choose to watch TV at a higher or lower level. Whether it’s a couch you want to sit on or a bean bag, the brackets can be adjusted vertically to suit you.

Full-motion mount

Now this is the dream fixture you’ll want so that no matter where you’re seated or standing you can tilt the television in every direction.

This superior adjustment allows for uninterrupted viewing experiences. Its brackets turn vertically as well as sideways. This premium product will make your investment more than worthwhile.

However, the key is to have it installed accurately and in a well-fitting way. Getting a professional to do this ensures that you do not have screws coming loose.

No matter what bracket you choose, keep in mind that the materials used are of premium quality. Considering that they will be supporting the entire weight of the LCD or plasma television, they cannot be weak. Certain brands of plasma televisions and LCD include their own bracket that come along for wall mounting.

You need to make sure that when you select the kind of wall mount you want, you select a reliable brand that constructs them from premium materials. What is also important is to get a professional to set it up. A DIY experiment gone wrong is a price you wouldn’t want to pay for.

At Gecko TV Stands and Mounts, we’re all about offering top quality products at the lowest prices. What this means for you is that you’ll always get the most value for money with any purchase.

With a wide range of mounts for you to choose from you’re bound to find the perfect match to what you’re seeking. Each of our technicians is skilled in setup as well as providing you with any assistance you need.

Call us today and transform your home-viewing experience with the perfect TV wall mount.