is planning to access new markets in 2020
Jan 22 · 2 min read

We’re thrilled to reveal the variety of financial instruments that will be available to traders on our platform later this year. In addition to margin-trading on Bitcoin, will soon offer Commodities, Forex & Indices. This offering will allow crypto traders to enter traditional financial markets, asset classes, and additional avenues for driving profits.

The significant advantage of platform for its users is lowering the commission fees with GEC token. It’s also an excellent opportunity for all coin traders that wish to spread their time and financial resources to trade on all markets from one place.

Marcin Wituś, CEO of, says “It’s good to see that international investors are seeking out the opportunity to reduce their exposure to risk. will allow them to do just that through low and medium risk hedges.”

Commodities in 2020 will introduce Commodities to the platform.

Commodities trading market represents resources that are vital to everyday life, such as food, energy, or precious metals — affecting the overall health of the global economy.

Commodities are also uncorrelated to crypto-assets, making them an ideal diversification choice for investors and traders alike. These volatile assets provide a substantial opportunity for traders to profit off global supply and demand of these vital resources.


Forex — foreign exchange market — a global market for the trading of currencies such as USD, EUR, JPY, GBP and more. Forex marketing represents an opportunity for traders to profit, with over $5 trillion in trading volume on average daily. Forex markets trade around 25 times the daily volume of the global equities market and nearly 100 times that of the crypto market.

When compared with the crypto market, the forex market is low volatility, making it an excellent alternative to crypto as a part of the investment portfolio.

Index will also introduce CFD (contract for difference) contracts on many of the world’s most popular index. Each stock market index represents a measurement of a specific section of the stock market across each nation.

The index that will feature on later this year offer global traders exposure to some of the world’s most prominent stock markets and creates yet another avenue for profit and portfolio diversification. By gaining access to all of these thriving market indexes, traders can take advantage of the highly volatile nature of each index, as they refer back to each nation’s economy, with a low correlation to other asset classes, including Forex and Commodities.

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Written by is a platform that enables you to safely invest in the cryptocurrency market using skills and knowledge of experienced traders.

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