PAMM — “proven and effective” money management tool
Jan 10 · 3 min read, the Europe-based digital currency derivatives trading platform, by the end of 2020 will add a new service — Percent allocation management module (PAMM) accounts to its platform, a move that effectively allows site traders to become money managers for other users.

The launch of PAMM accounts adds a “proven and effective” money management tool to the website, one used in traditional currency exchange markets.

PAMM account providers will be able to open account pages, which are then ranked based on performance and stability. Subscribers then will search for account providers that meet their risk and capital requirements before finally investing in a performance strategy. Profits get divided between the account provider and subscribers.

The platform expects the offering to appeal to the wide range of traders who soon will use the site to trade bitcoin.

“Whether you are a professional trader or a beginner, PAMM technology opens up new opportunities for you to make a profit from bitcoin trading.”

PAMM providers

The exchange noted that providers would gain several benefits from using the new PAMM accounts.

For example, users will be able to create multiple offers and conditions to interact with different pools of subscribers, thereby attracting investors with different risk attitudes and investment capabilities. Subscribers also receive an automatic distribution of profits, a feature that will allow providers to focus on generating successful strategies.

Providers will be protected against any infringement on their trading strategies, as followers cannot “duplicate a trading strategy beyond the PAMM service”.

PAMM subscribers

Subscribers will be given tools for evaluating provider accounts that hopes this will replace the need for these individuals to understand the intricacies of trading.

We will provide “visual graphs” and “accurate statistics” on providers so that beginners can engage with more experienced traders.

Subscribers will have the flexibility to withdraw money from a provider at any time so that they may select another offering suitable to their needs.

As the PAMM accounts feature is developed, updates to the program will implement section visible on the site includes tabs for referrals and commissions, which will be available to incentivize those who engage with its community of PAMM account users.

Gecoin (GEC) will be a vital part of PAMM trading on platform, bringing an extra source of income for platform participants. is one of the first trading platforms based on futures trading with its own GEC token. Gecoin holders will enjoy several benefits such as lower transaction fees, additional professional tools and indicators, protection against negative account balance, access to PAMM trading and many other features. Every GEC token, once used on platform, will BE permanently destroyed, reducing the total number of tokens GEC on the market, generating demand for GEC.

Current purchase price of the GEC token (only 1,185,900GEC is left for sale):
- until January 31, 2020–0.25 € /1 GEC
- until February 29, 2020–0.35 € / 1 GEC
- until March 31, 2020–0.55 € / 1 GEC
- until April 30, 2020–0.65 € / 1 GEC

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White paper:

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Written by is a platform that enables you to safely invest in the cryptocurrency market using skills and knowledge of experienced traders.

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