2018: A Demonstration of Thanks

As I’m sitting here at 6 AM on new years day, I can’t help but reflect on what I had encountered in my last year of life. Friendships have been enriched, my faith has challenged me to be more of myself, and I was lucky enough to introduce my first child into this world (part of the reason why I’m up so early). As Cambria, my beautiful little girl, lays in my arms fighting sleep, I’ve solidified what my word of pray will be for the next year: Thankfulness.

I can’t help but feel like my life has been too fortunate for any one person to experience. My wife, Megan, spoils me with love every day, I find challenge and accomplishment with my career, and have supporting and loving family and friends that surround me. With this comes a immediate temptation to take these things for granted. You could even say that it is within our DNA, having that human nature to continue to adapt to that environment. But, with that adaptation and consistency, we lose site of how grateful we should remain to be. Completing a chore that is never done is usually met with praise, as missing a chore once this month can be met with resentment. Knowing that each and everyone of us will battle with giving those we encounter the gratitude they deserve, I’ve decided to focus and pray on this for 2018.

Thankful in everything, in all circumstances (Thessalonians 5:18)

Cambria is now finally sleeping in my arms, the first thing I’m thankful for the new year. Sitting in silence, I’m questioning to myself, “what is it to be thankful?” Saying thanks to people more is easy, yet leaves a feeling that is not authentic. Showing up and being present is great, but doesn’t necessarily convey my message of gratefulness. I’m wrestling with words when demonstration comes up in my head. Perfect, how can I Demonstrate how thankful I am to people? Although there are times when I think of something nice to show my thanks, very rarely have i followed through with them. That will change with this coming year.

As my little lady has no pushed into her deep sleep and is now in her rocking swing, I know waking up this early was for a great cause. With prayer, support, and the love of God, 2018 will be a year of gratefulness and a demonstration of thanks.

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